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Maintenance serviceand repairof dieselgenerators

  • Guarantee maintenance

    According to the terms of the warranty and service maintenance

    Our company is the official distributor of ADD Power in Russia, Kazakhstan and EC (Eurasian Conformity). It carries entirely all the obligations for the warranty service support of all ADD Power equipment, which was delivered to our market. Specialists of our company will help you to quickly understand the terms of the guarantee and will do everything possible to ensure that your equipment operates for a long time.

    You can contact us and get a technical service that will restore the efficiency of your generator and help to avoid technical problems in the future in case of a malfunction during the warranty period. Please note that the decision to recognize a malfunction as a warranty event should be carried out only after the equipment has been diagnosed and gone through the corresponding examinations.

    The standard warranty period for new ADD Power equipment is 12 months or 1000 operating hours of generator, depending on what happens first. It is possible to extend the warranty for longer terms when signing service contracts with our company for the maintenance of your ADD Power equipment.

  • Maintenance operation

    Qualified service of diesel generator sets

    Any machinery and equipment needs high-quality and timely maintenance. Modern ADD Power diesel power plants are not an exception. Our specialists will explain you the principles, frequency and technology of carrying out all the necessary routine maintenance in order to ensure the efficient operation of your power plant when you purchase the generator.

    Carrying out maintenance is not a complicated operation of replacing technical liquids and consumables. However, it is necessary to conduct a planned inspection of other nodes and parameters of equipment. This requires knowledge and experience of specialists. Therefore, we suggest taking care of your ADD Power generator. Our engineers will independently carry out routine maintenance of your power plant. This will be done strictly according to the requirements of the manufacturer and using only original spare parts and consumables. This guarantees a long and reliable operation of your equipment.

  • Diagnostics and fault report

    We offer complex diagnostics of equipment

    80% of the time of equipment repair is the search for the malfunction itself and the determination of its cause. Our qualified specialists, who have been trained at the factory of the ADD Power Company, will do this quickly, accurately and responsibly. Feel free to call us and we will promptly determine the cause of the malfunction and make a detailed calculation of the repair estimate (if this happens after the expiration of the warranty period) in case of any malfunction of your generator.

    Our engineers will draw up a defective sheet, which accurately describes the malfunction, the possible cause of it and provides a complete list of spare parts and works, which are necessary to restore the performance of the diesel generator set. This should be done on the basis of the performed diagnostics and / or fault report. After this, we will calculate the cost of repairs together with you. Then we will quickly and efficiently implement it in case if it is acceptable.

  • Repair of diesel generators

    Professional repair of diesel generator sets

    Our ADD Power service center in Almaty and Moscow city and the specialists working here are able to perform the repair of diesel power plants of any complexity, including the general one. We possess all the necessary equipment, tools, experienced and trained engineers in order to do this. We can conduct the repair, both in the conditions of our workshops, and on the Customer's site. We have service vehicles, which always contain the necessary spare parts and consumables, in order to do this. You just need to contact us and we will carry out repairs in the shortest possible time and restore the working capacity of your equipment.

    The period of the repair may differ depending on the complexity of the repair. But we guarantee that the work will begin immediately after receiving the appropriate work order. All the types of repairs are carried out only with the use of original spare parts and consumables. We provide a guarantee for the period of 12 months or 1000 operating hours (depending on what happens first) for all the works and spare parts, which are used in the process of repair.

  • Repair of diesel engines

    85% of the malfunctions in the diesel power plant are due to the breakdown of the engine or its components (according to statistics and our personal experience). That is why we pay the greatest attention to the development of service in the field of repair of diesel engines.

    Diesel engines of the following manufacturers are used in the line of ADD Power generators: Perking, Cummins, Deutz, Iveco, Scania, Volvo, Doosan, Weichai, Yuchai, FAW, SDEC, Ricardo, Mitsubishi. Such a variety of brands surely creates certain difficulties in the formation of service solutions. But the company's experience and serious technical training of service specialists allows repairing all the types and brands of engines with equal efficiency. You can be sure that we will cope with any malfunctioning of your engine and will perform repairs in a timely and qualitative manner.

  • Assembling and connection of generators

    Everybody has a hot issue on how to properly install the generator, connect it, set it up and put it into operation immediately after its purchase. Undoubtedly, we conduct a short training of our customers for the basics of operation of power plants. However, our Clients often have to face many aspects on practice that go beyond the formal rules of operation. That is why, we offer quality services for the delivery, installation, assembling and commissioning of our equipment. We have already implemented more than a hundred projects and know exactly how and by which means to ensure reliable energy supply to your facility. You just need to contact us and leave a request for assembly work. Our specialists will conduct a site survey, and prepare estimates for installation works and materials. They will also offer several options for optimizing the expenses. After that, we will conduct the full range of services for commissioning of your generator. Correct installation, adjustment and start-up of the diesel generator set are a guarantee of reliable and durable operation of the equipment.

  • Commissioning operations

    Complex of operations for connection and launch of diesel generator set

    The cost of the ADD Power diesel generators of already includes a service for commissioning operations. Our specialists will arrive to your site for launch; make all the necessary connections and settings. They will also perform the first test run (during which the different operating modes of the generator will be tested). This should be done once the assembling and all the necessary cable connections, gas ducts and grounding are completed

    ADD Power conducts free installation supervision and commissioning operations especially in order to exclude incorrect operation of the equipment and customer dissatisfaction as a result of it. We always strive to control the entire process from the selection of equipment and to its commissioning. Because only such a complex approach is able to provide a 100% result.

  • 24/7 engineering support

    We never leave our Customers face-to-face with their problem. You can always count on our technical support in 24/7 mode. You will be able to call our service department by dialing +7 727 22 56 727 and get a competent and adequate advice of your service engineer. You can also order the arrival of an emergency crew for the quickest troubleshooting afterwards in case if there is still a need.

    Country-wide customer service support is one of the important principles of work of ADD Power. We look forward to a long-term and fruitful cooperation and hope to become your reliable partners in the small-scale power generation market.

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